Pouch Packing Machine

Pouch Packing Machine

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Pouch Packing Machine Weight Filler

Application : - 

Namkeen with Nitrozen Flusing, Mouth Freshner, Tobaco, Powder, Tea, fryms etc.

Capacity : 10-50 Gms, 50-100 gms, 100-250 gms, 250-1000 gms. (Different types of Machine)
Sealing Type : Center Sealing, Three / Four Side Sealing
Film Size : W-60-410 mm , L: 30-300 mm
Speed : 15-40 pouche /minute
Power : 1/2 HP motor, Single Phase
Packing Material : Any heat sealable laminated Film
Net Weight : 350 Kgs. (Approx.)
Filling System : Weight Filler (Double Head / Four Head) 

Low wastage Disposal
Digital photo & temperature controller unit
10th cutting system (optional)
Air Compressor required
Fully automatic Compact & Robust Machine